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CodeRobo AI : January 29, 2023

CodeRobo.AI contains a series of courses as games that introduces students to software programming and robotics to guide them in their robotics journey. The courses are created by robotics engineers who solve challenging real-world problems using robots.


Students do not have to buy any robots. Students control a robot in a virtual world, which provides a real-world immersive robot experience.



The courses are organized to teach the necessary skills for coding and robotics in gradual steps. In every course, students solve fun and challenging problems, giving them a good grasp of the topic.


The robotics journey starts with the basics of programming using Blockly and extends into deeper concepts of robotics, like obstacle avoidance and pick and place robots. Over time, the student will learn high languages like python to solve more complex problems.




Check out the Introduction To Programming course which is designed for first-time programmers, kids, or anyone who loves robots. It covers fundamental topics in software programming, such as sequential execution, arithmetic, logical operation, conditional statement, and loops. In addition, this course enhances logical thinking and problem-solving skills, which can be applied beyond software programming.


Check out the Explore with Draw course which contains fun missions to draw using the robot. The tasks in this course strengthen coding skills by applying the concepts learned in the introduction to coding course. This course also encourages students to apply their math skills.


Check out Explore with Free Space which introduces the Sense -> Plan -> Act concept in robotics. In this course, the robot has more capabilities, such as sensing obstacles and advanced commands to control the robot. The missions contain tasks to drive the robot to its goal by avoiding obstacles.




Check out Explore with Pick n Place introduces students to the pick and place capability of robots. In this course, the robot has an arm, and tasks are completed by placing the objects in their right place. Students learn to complete important tasks by programming robots.

The CodeRobo.AI team is working on many new features to enhance the teaching experience, which helps students better understand the concepts. If you share our passion for teaching coding and robotics, our team at CodeRobo would love to collaborate with you. Please contact us by leaving us a message. We would love to hear your feedback to improve our platform and courses.


Try CodeRobo.AI to begin your coding and robotics journey.


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